Ben Allen

Developer & Designer

Ben Allen
Ben Allen
Bristol, UK
  • iOS & Android Developer
    • Swift
    • Objective C
    • Java
  • Web Applications Expert
    • HTML, CSS & Javascript
    • PHP & SQL
    • Ruby on Rails
  • Keen Designer
    • Photoshop & Sketch
    • Premiere Pro
    • Ruby on Rails
Ben Allen
Ben Allen
Bristol, UK
  • iOS & Android Developer
    • Swift
    • Objective C
    • Java
  • Web Applications Expert
    • HTML, CSS & Javascript
    • Ruby on Rails, PHP & SQL
    • React, Polymer, jQuery, NodeJS
  • User Focused Designer
    • Sketch
    • Premiere Pro
    • Adobe Photoshop
  • ARM Hackathon - 1st place
    • Built an internet connected 
robot with opinions based of 
twitter analytics.
  • SimpleWeb Pusher - 2nd place
    • Built a shoot ‘em’ up game 
during my first hackathon 
using Pusher.
  • Mubaloo Hackathon - 3rd place
    • Developed a Peer-to-Peer 
bluetooth messaging app 
called Flare.

  • Apple Fan Site
    • Started up Apple Fan Site, generating 250k per event, employing 8 journalists globally.
  • UI/UX Lead at ListenOnRepeat
    • Designing and developing the front-end for ListenOnRepeat
  • Mobile Developer at Dyson
    • Working on the iOS Dyson Link app creating and improving new features.
  • Software Engineer at Q-Free
    • Developed smart city solutions for the largest consumers in the transport sector.
  • Studying at the University of Bristol
    • Studying for a Master of Engineering in Computer Science.


OneRail was developed during a 48 hour competition called HackTrain. OneRail provides customers with contexual information based of their location throughout the rail network.

It utilises Bluetooth beacons to provide notifications to users at relevenat points on their journey. By simply implementing this system we can provide information on busyness in carriages, ask customers for feedback, provide information when users enter the station and many more things!

The demo video demonstrates the different types of information that can be provide.

OutOut IconOutOut

We were fed up with ticket touting. Prices for events, gigs and clubs have been known to increase 10-fold with no guarantee of a real ticket. It seems inefficient and inconsistent having multiple platforms for ticket sales, resales and event awareness. So we made one complete, easy and secure app to do it all in.

We designed and developed the app from scratch in 2 weeks for iOS and Android, written in Swift and Java respectively. An AWS load balancing system was also built using Chef to automatically enroll instances as and when required.

The app featured a neat screen to find and locate nearby events, tickets can be purchased securely using Stripe and time dependant QR codes on virtual tickets to avoid reselling via any other platform. The platform is completely 'tout' proof and it provides an easy way to resell tickets for a small fee via the app with no commission charges.

The Pylons

Soon to be glastonbury headliners band The Pylons were keen to improve the face of their website in light of their new album ‘The Sun’. They were after a 0 maintence website in order to spend maximum time at gigs. To do this, the website had to be responsive, social responsive. It collates information from the bands various social outlets such as soundcloud, facebook and youtube to build a website that provides accurate, up-to-date news at 0 cost.

Gigs are collected from Facebook events, while songs, pictures and music videos are gathered from other soundcloud and youtube.


A concept app that allows customers to order deliverable food. Users can login and see available deliveries that need to be taken. Users bid for orders that need to be deliveried to ensure the buying customer gets the lowest deal possible.


A simple app which demonstrates 
the UK’s energy usage in real-time. 
It displays the sources of energy, whether that be coal, wind or solar to help educate users as to the whereabouts of their electricy. 
It also demeonstrates the input / output electricity from other European countries.

DRW Cricket

The official coaching company for the Swedish Cricket Team. A simple website that allows the creators to update and modify on there own accord.

Peterfield Golf Shop

A large e-commerce website selling high-value items for customers all over the UK. This website required updates, redesigning and additional features added.

Apple Fan Site

I co-founded Apple Fan Site in my mid teens. It provided a news website to find the latest news and rumours about Apple through inside knowledge from manufacturers and Apple employees. My contribution was desigining and developing the website and infrastructure which handled 250k viewers during Apple's WWDC events.